Guillotine EBA 4305

Guillotine EBA 4305

Guillotine EBA 4305

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Guillotine EBA 4305


The EBA 4305 mechanical guillotine is the youngest model in the EBA paper cutter line.

The cut length of 430 mm allows using EBA 4305 to process printing products up to A3 format on the long side.

The knife drive in the EBA 4305 cutter is mechanical, the cutting operation is performed by a lever that, for security reasons, has a locking mechanism that ensures that both hands are busy when the knife is moving.

The position of the rear manual guillotine EBA 4305 is regulated by a rotating knob with a limb, and the cut line is highlighted by an optical pointer.

The foot is clamped by means of a mechanism patented by Krug & Priester.

The change of marzan in the EBA 4305 guillotine, as in all EBA torches, is performed from the outside and does not require removal of any security features, and the installation of the blade is performed using a special device that blocks the blade drive in the upper position.

The dimensions of the EBA 4305 cutter allow you to install it on a regular desk, although a special cabinet or table may be included in the package.

Guillotine EBA 4305 is an ideal solution for a small printing house, office, printing salon and other enterprises where processing of small print runs of printing products to format A3 is carried out.

Cutting length (mm) 430 mm
Cutting height (mm) 40 mm
Table depth (mm) 435 mm
Dimensions 400 x 880 x 880 mm (H x W x D). height with stand 1150 mm
Weight 44 kg table top model, 54 kg with stand

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