Guillotine EBA 4705

Guillotine EBA 4705

Guillotine EBA 4705

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    Guillotine EBA 4705

    EBA 4705 is a guillotine-type cutter for paper with a cutting length of 475 mm, it has mechanical (manual) ones: adjusting the position of the back, pressing the foot, pressing the knife.The EBA 4705 cutter can cut a stack of paper up to 70 mm thick. The cut length of 475 mm allows using EBA 4705 to process printing products up to the SRA3 format (320x450 mm) on the long side.

    EBA 4705 is the base model for EBA guillotines with a cut length of 475 mm.

    This is the most budgetary paper guillotine among EBA models with a 475 mm cut length.

    Country of manufacture: Germany

    The drive of the knife in the cutter EBA 4705 - mechanical. The cutting operation is performed by a lever, which, for security purposes, has a blocking mechanism that ensures the employment of both hands when moving the knife.

    Mechanical adjustment of the backstop position is carried out using the handle on the front panel of the cutter and allows for coarse and fine adjustment of the position.

    Mechanical pressure of the foot is carried out using a handle on the back surface of the knife drive mechanism.

    Security features and processes:

    - a mechanical clamp of a knife in the top position;

    - front plastic transparent cover for the working space with a mechanical interlock during operation.

    - rear transparent protective screen.

    - safe replacement of the knife using the original device for removing the knife;

    - safe change of marzan from the side without removing the protective cover;

    EBA 4705 is available on the desktop. We recommend using the options (not included in the basic package): the original table-stand or stand for EBA 4705. The original table-stand, as well as the stand, allows you to place the EBA 4705 cutter in any place convenient for you in the room. A shelf in this option allows you to place accessories or paper.

    Guillotine EBA 4705 is a basic solution for digital printing, office, printing salon and other enterprises where processing of small print runs of printing products up to the SRA3 format (320x450 mm) is carried out.

Cutting length (mm) 475 mm
Cutting height (mm) 70 mm
Table depth (mm) 455 mm
Dimensions 590 x 1000 x 890 mm (H x W x D), height with stand 1270 mm
Weight 85 kg table top model, 93 kg with stand

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